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eat my fucking shoe.



the sippy cups o doom dinner is a GO. :D

....info coming soon. for those who gaze at this livejournal and not my other one.

Ikkicon..Ikkicon... Ikkicon....

Er. YAH!

So... Ikkicon. Hm.

Well. I'm actually going to participate as much as I can this year, given that I'm flying in, won't be volunteering, and will have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE TIME ON MY HANDS. :D LOL

So, thus induces cosplay.
A Skit.

And complete pure awesome.

*is excited*

-wonders how many people will be able to find her- >_>



I be there.



S0. Freaking. Excited.
12.12. Dammit.

Dec. 28th, 2007



WTF am I talking about? Go to Stephenie Meyers website. Then youll know.

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My Delimma

Allright. Here it is guys.

The sad part is, I'm getting kicked from David's by Nov. 6th 'cause his mom is worried that if (and they won't I can't stress this enough) the apartment complex finds out I'm here, he'll be kicked.

The bad part of this situation, is I really wish a certain someone would listen to me when I talk. Not calling me when you said you would only provoked me further and ended in me going into a furious rage, so Dan, if you're reading, take this into consideration: I AM SORRY. I left because the electricty was out. I can't stay in a place that doesn't have power. Oi. I didn't do it to fuck you over. Honestly, neither of us can pay that goddamned bill even if we tried so I'm sorry. Geez. Another thing, I haven't been mean to you at all, really, and you've been coping all the attitude as of late, so once again, I'm sorry for whatever caused it, but please dear god, don't give me atttitude. I made up with Faye to make the both of you happy and ahve a little bit easier of a life so YOU, dan YOU won't have to be in the middle of a bitch fight that makes no sense. Now with you being an ass like this, I'm wondering if I should have just kept my mouth shut. Anyways. I'm still sorry for what I did, but goddamn. Anyways. All I'm asking dan, is TWO WEEKS. I need to get over there, get my stuff together and get it somewhere where I can get it later. And actually it's less than two weeks. I've got to be out of davids by the 6th of novemeber, i'm leaving on the 18th, that's TWELVE days. Please, dan, PLEASE, make my life easier so I don't have to cry on the plane, PLEASE. WHEN I COME CRYING ON THE PHONE, IT MEANS THE SITUATION IS BAD. I don't cry for no fucking reason dan. Have a heart. Geez.

Again, I'm sorry if you thought I left because I was going to fuck you over. I left because I had no way to PAY the goddamn bill. HELLO. and now, I just need TWO WEEKS to get my shit straight.

Thank you.


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