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'Theefed' from dramacon


Life is complicated.


Raymond is the one that you love.

Benjamin is one you like but can't work out.

You care most about Susan.

Drisana is the one who knows you very well.

Leandra is your lucky star.

Dirty Little Secret is the song that matches with Raymond.

First Cut is the Deepest is the song for Benjamin.

Rebirth is the song that tells you most about your mind.

And Power of One is the song telling how you feel about life!

Why do I torment myself with little quizzes, why?

Ranger Lobvin'

we&apos;re crazy... i know

Click to make bigger. >>; ^_^

I'm Hallowed Out
Feeling Alone
Feeling Dead
They Tell Me I'm Not Alone
And I Know
I'm Not.

But I can't help
But feel
so cold
so alone.

I try to fool myself
Into thinking that
All will be fine.
But it only
Turns out to be
worse than before.

The warm kisses
I sought after
Are now
The hugs only barely
warm my skin.
Touches that used
to leave me tingling
now only make
me shiver
and I wonder
what changed?

The only thing
that soothes me now
is his voice.
Just keep singing,
my angel.
And all will be right
In the world.
Just keep singing.

Friends that
I thought were close
are farther away
than I thought.

My allies are now my enemies
My enemies are now my allies
where did this come about?

I want to know,
will it be worth it?
To come back?
To a world where I'm not
really wanted
at all?

That first cut is deepest.
And it scabs over
and itches
and bothers you
till the end of your days.
And you the the scar to remind you
of the pain.

When will the pain ever cease?
When will life get so uncomplicated?
When CAN I

I just want someone to be there
to help me dry my tears
of pain

I want


for me
Tell me, how can a clique of FREAKs and GEEKs end up with the SAME hostility as fucking prep vs. Nobody. Seriously. Not to rag on anyone, but goddamn. I cannot put up with Pyro's and Edo's "we're supreior" attitude. Sure, Edo's got his effing cell phone number, last I saw it, anyone who was on committe should have it so dinners GO easier. -__-; I mean, A-chan was there, it would have HELPED. But no, because Edo was 'supreior' to the rest of us, she got to make all the happy calls to Vic. That just ain't right. I know Vic doesn't want the hostility, but it's STILL there. I've made alot of friends that are rangers, but some of them, have the 'we're better than you 'cause we're closer to Vic' thing. Well, you know what, we could all be closer to Vic if THERE WASN'T 5000 OF US! Grrr...

I shall compare this to how me and Chris are. I am 'supreior' to the rest of the cups, because me an Corie are ORIGINAL members. But we don't flaunt it like it's getting a new iTouch. -_-; Seriously. Though I do need to ask for Chris' cell phone one of these cons, so it'll make it easier to throw together plans in the future. THE FUTURE OF THE SIPPY CUPS OF DOOM IS AMONG US!

The same with me and Svetlana. I'm only ONE girl out there that loves Dramamcon. But I'm the one that approched her, made a fangroup, and took some responsability. I WILL NOT let the Cups and svet_fans turn out like the Rangers. We don't need a thousand freaking members. It would be nice, but it would just loose the personal feeling of the group.

For future reference. I'm no longer going to  plan much of anything around the rangers. I'll invite a few people, personally invite Vic MYSELF, along with Michelle, and we'll just do it that way. Why in the fucking HELL do we need to go though people that think they're better than us? There no law against people hanging out a restraunt. The organization is fucked up anyways. Sorry Rangers, but you have been PWN'D.

As for you, skirts, get your nose out of the blue fabric. Geezus. Bunch of lazy people. Never heard of this kinda shit going down with the skirts 'cause Travis just doesn't get into it. XD Poor him.

Post-con Emotions



Friday was great. Got there about 10:30ish. Met up with Andew, got my badge and headed off through the food court area. Said Hi to Faye, Courtney (Clone), and a few other rangers and hung with them for most of the morning. We went to Edo's room, and I think Edo and Pyro don't know that Purity-san and 'me' are the same person. xD At least that what I got. Anywhoo, after calling around for about an hour, we finally got a restraunt to take us. The SAME resturaunt that Oni-con was talking the rest of the VA to that night. So we got our Ranger Dinner anyways. And because we're rangers, we got some cool news that I CAN'T SAY. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyways. I forgot what most of it was though.  What else, what else... was the first to say hi to chris when he came up the escalator. That was freaking awesome. Told him hi and stuff for corie. Then headed off for a few panels. About the time when Chris' panel ended Pyro called me wondering where the fuck I was and I headed over to the hotel and we rounded up for the dinner. Once we got there, Vic joined us shortly with his girlfriend Michelle, who is like the COOLEST person in the world. I wish I had the time to find her and say goodbye before I left today. After dinner, we all got in the trolley and took a picture. I'll get it once I can contact the people who had it to send it to me again. 'Cause apparently, it didn't get sent to my inbox. TT__TT

Saturday was... blah. Woke up wanting to sleep more, but got up anyways. Dressed and headed down to the con, sitting around for a little bit before meeting up with Sephy. Who's awesome. >3 She was dressed in her RR uniform, which I thought was kick ass. We ended up meeting with Courtney and we tried rangling people for dodgeball, but that didn't go so well. Me and Pyro also went around handing out RR cards. >>; I think the Ranger Population just grew by at least a 1000 that night. >_<; We also sat in on 'The Wallflower' which vic was in and is made by NABESHIN. I also got HIS autograph on my NDB poster and a picture with him, which I hope to get from a Kyoya that I had met there. Who also once again inspired me to watch the anime. I do think he was surprised that I knew who he was. XD; I surprise people with that alot. They'll be like "wait, you know who I am but claim to have never seen the anime, how is that?!" all I can answer is "friends" and they understand. I also got Chris Pattons autograph. But This is where the sucky stuff happened. After getting out of a VA panel, I went to pull out my FMA cards to go catch Travis to get his autograph, but finding out that I lost it, I frantically went back to look and it was gone. This really bummed me out. But, yeah. Had pizza that night, and that morning I somehow walked away from a STARBUCKS with only spending $2.11. O_o; This was for a $1.79 bottle of water and a $00.69 cinnamin roll. o__o; *still wondering about that*

Sunday I met up with Sephy, hung with her, walked the dealers room, met up with ride in lobby and left and now home. In a slightly bad mood because David's mom found out he was heling me and letting me live here until I moved and she got pissed for some reason. Something about if "the apartment complex found out you would be kicked out".

ONe: I'd like to point out that I have been living with DAN for at LEAST 6 months, and they have NEVER found out.  o__o; I'm GOOD like that. It's because I'm a HERMIT and NEVER leave. -__- and when I do, it's on OCCASION. They would probably NEVER have found out. But oh well, I'm not going to yell because his mom said so. I'm just gonna pack up my things. I'm going back to Dans. Loosing the internet once again, but will have it back once I get up to Penn, so it won't be that bad. -__-; Maybe. Hopefully. I'm just pissed that I won't have food. Oh well. Maybe when I get back tehre SOMEONE will give me a good deal for my FFVII PC game. and I can have SOME money. -_-; If not, I think I may look into food staps. Least for now.


That's all from me.

See ya.

(this'll probably be the last post you see for awhile, sorry guys. I'll post con pics once I get up to penn. >3)

OH YEAH! Ben's moving to Oregon by Halloween. HA! Seems we're all going seperate ways. Go fucking figure. Least I won't have to worry much now/

And... I'm gone.

See you in three days! <3

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